The Philippines offers a wonderful panorama for motorcycle tours. Leisurely driving along the coast and then straight up into the mountains where the roads meander in serpentines – all that you can have here in Mindanao. An island that is not (yet) overcrowded by tourists, slightly larger than Austria, which has a lot to offer in terms of interesting trips on two wheels.



General Santos City, Mindanao, Philippines

ACT-Adventuretours Philippines headquarter is located in the "Tuna Capital" of the Southeast Asian island republic - General Santos City. A city with around 700,000 inhabitants, which is located in the south of the island of Mindanao directly on Sarangani Bay and lives from industry as well as fishing. The city, also called "Gen San" for short, is connected to the other important cities of Mindanao (Davao City, Koronadal City, Zamboanga City, Cagayan de Oro, Surigao, Butuan...) by well-developed highways and, thanks to the infrastructure programs of recent years, has also increasingly good road connections to the touristically interesting places on the island.

In the headquarter, which is located in the Barangay (district) Calumpang, not far from the airport, you will get an air-conditioned room and food. From there, the individual tours starts and you will return to the headquarter after the respective tours. Gen San also offers some nightlife, so you can easily head out for a few beers or a small snack in the evening since the rental bikes are with u 24/7.


Mojácar, Andalusia, Spain

ACT-Adventuretours Spain headquarter is located in Mojácar. It's a picturesque Mediterranean town that captivates everyone who visits it with its postcard image, a panoramic view that, year after year never fails to be included in the list of the most beautiful towns in Spain. 

The location  in the province of Almería makes it an excellent base for exploring the wider region. Nearby destinations such as the unspoiled Cabo de Gata Natural Park, the Tabernas Desert (Europe's only desert), or the Sierra Nevada with the city Granada what is home of the famous Alhambra offer varied experiences.